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Anon Dare Meme: Major Raikov tries to find out Sheik's gender.

Anon Dare Meme: Sheik trash talks with Ganondork.

PSL Thread: Twilight Princess Sheik meets post-OoT Young Link.

((I missed a lot in between! Sorry!))

Road Trip: An AU thread with TV Zelda, assumed CR and canon mixing. Also a lot of Sheikah headcanon.
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"Last" of the Sheikah Tribe
Shadow of Light

(Series): The Legend of Zelda / Super Smash Brothers

(Canon Point): Twilight Princess, after Zelda heals Midna

(Age): Unknown (Presumably early 20s)

(Species/Race): Hylian / Sheikah

(Hair Color): Blonde

(Skin Color): Darkish

(Height): 5'7" (conservative estimate, subject to change)

(Notable Features): Red eyes, dark skin, incredibly flexible

(Favorite Canonmate Ships): Samus, Peach, Zelda, Link, Midna

(BroTPs): Link, Greninja, Toon Link

(Etc): Likes cats, being shifty and mysterious, lacks her predecessors' musical talents


(Canon): This version of Sheik is assumed to be from Twilight Princess, as the Smash Brothers version was originally modeled to be. As such, she is slightly AU from the original game. It's worth pointing out that in the 3DS/Wii U Smash Brothers games, Sheik cannot transform freely back to Zelda anymore. Although this can be disregarded if the situation calls for it (if it's funny enough), the faux canon detailed here will assume she's unable to transform back.

After sharing her essence and soul with Midna to heal her, Zelda faded away, but was later shown to have regained her body. This AU will assume that during the in-between time, Zelda had reconstituted in a Twilight-affected form, with darker skin, red eyes, etc. Not quite able to pass as her old self anymore, Zelda fell back on the old legends of the Sheikah and assumed the role of Sheik. After meeting up with Impaz, Zelda (already combat-capable to a fair extent, as she's shown wielding a blade with some degree of familiarity later) trained in the old ways of the Sheikah, and then embarked on some manner of quest parallel to Link's, in which she eventually found a way to restore herself to her old form and regain her place in Hyrule Castle. Note: After replaying the game I realize the time frame doesn't quite match up well for this, but for the purposes of the AU we'll assume it fits.

Incidentally, there are theories that suggest that the Twili are actually a corruption of the Sheikah tribe, the form that they eventually assumed after members of their clan were banished to the Twilight realm prior to Ocarina of Time (the assumption is that the Interlopers were in fact Sheikah, and their betrayal of the Royal Family led to their distrustful reputation in OoT). Just food for thought.

[WIP, open to suggestions/ideas, will hopefully be able to expand whenever I'm able to play Twilight Princess again.]

(Personality): Cold and aloof, tends to affect a mysterious air but tends to be hard to understand for other reasons. Easily frustrated, but uses it to motivate herself to work harder. Not very good at talking to people in a casual setting, but can be kind and considerate to those she likes; though abrasive, she's a good person at heart and would give her life to save someone in need. The thing of it is, though, none of this is a far departure from her personality as Zelda.

Extra: TPHD has come out and I've replayed the game, and as such I've remembered that the Sheikah village feels very much like an old western town, complete with a bow-and-arrow shootout. Generally in joke memes I like to have her play at being a Rider-type masked hero, but now I'm inclined to throw a bit of cowboy flair in there. Just something to keep in mind if you want ideas for silly scenarios to play out with her.


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